The 9-Ball is a 23ft. Donzi with a 9 ft. beam providind a stable ride. Equipt with all the best electronics including Fish-Finder,GPS,Ship to Shore radio, and Radar.
Father and Son Duo with Sharks and some Monster Redfish
Redfish and Jack Crevalle
Redfish Fishing on the Mississippi Gulf Coast
Red Snapper, Lemonfish and King Mackerel along the Mississippi Gulf Coast
6 Hour Redfish fishing trip 10 miles south of Biloxi MS
Redfish South of Gulfport MS
State Record Spinnershark for a while caught aboard 9-Ball Fishing Charters
Sow Red Snapper south of Biloxi MS
Shark Fishing On the Mississippi Gulf Coast
King Mackerel in October
Redfish Fishing
10 hour fishing trip catching Cobia, Snapper and King Mackerel
Capt. Barry with Sow Snapper caught South of Biloxi MS
Red Sanpper
Speckled Trout Ship Island Mississippi
Speckled trout caught South of Long Beach MS
Typical Red Fish fishing trip
A variety of fish.
Hammerhead Shark caught for The Mississippi Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo aboard 9-Ball Fishing Charters
Yellowfin Tuna 100 miles South of Biloxi MS
Father and Son Redfish at Ship Island
Lemon Fish or Cobia Biloxi Gulfport MS
Redfish and Black tip Sharks
Successfull Red Sanapper fishing trip aboard 9-Ball Fishing Charters
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